Quick Guide to Install TorrServer (ARM64) on Debian

  1. Open Terminal: Start by opening a terminal on your Debian server.
    mkdir -p /opt/torrserver
  2. Download TorrServer: Download the ARM64 version of TorrServer using wget:
    wget https://github.com/YouROK/TorrServer/releases/download/MatriX.126/TorrServer-linux-arm64 -O /opt/torrserver/torrserver
  3. Set Execution Permissions: Grant execution permission to the downloaded file:
    chmod +x /opt/torrserver/torrserver
  4. Create Systemd Service: Create a new systemd service file:
    nano /etc/systemd/system/torrserver.service
    In the editor, add the following configuration:

    ExecStart=/opt/torrserver/torrserver -d /opt/torrserver -p 8090

  5. Reload Systemd: Apply the new configuration by reloading systemd:
    systemctl daemon-reload
  6. Start TorrServer Service: Start the TorrServer service:
    systemctl start torrserver.service
  7. Enable Auto-start on Boot: Enable the service to start automatically on boot:
    systemctl enable torrserver.service
  8. Verify Service Status: Check that the service is running correctly:
    systemctl status torrserver.service

This process will install and run TorrServer on your ARM64 Debian system. Remember to adjust paths and settings according to your system’s configuration.